Background, Aim & Scope


The phenomenon of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of human civilization evenly in almost all corners of the world. In its development, the world of knowledge does not remain silent in producing policy recommendations based on the perspectives of various scientific fields. Human social interactions enter a new chapter when we must be able to enforce strict health protocols. Social cohesiveness is interrupted by the need to maintain physical distance, and this becomes a new value in social interactions. In addition, the behavior to always wash hands was again echoed. The real thing is a cultural wisdom that is often found in the people of South Sulawesi in the past few decades. Communication patterns have also changed, where we catch more verbal messages than non-verbal language because part of our faces are covered with masks. Of all the changes that have occurred, the most significant change is the occurrence of digital transformation in every part of public organizations, including educational institutions.

For Indonesia, the other toughest challenges that must be faced are a series of natural disasters and non-natural disasters that continue to haunt the daily lives of people throughout the archipelago. The greatest momentum is, of course, the Aceh Tsunami Tragedy of 26 December 2004. After this incident, Indonesia’s geographic landscape has experienced a dynamic that forces us to be able to adapt to live side by side with disasters.

As a social organization with an academic character, the Makassar Chapter of the Alumni Association of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (IKA UKM) is motivated to unite ideas from various perspectives in the scientific field in observing current phenomena. IKA UKM Chapter Makassar is challenged to be able to perceive global phenomena, be able to think globally and be more visionary.

In connection with the matters described above, IKA UKM Makassar Chapter intends to hold the first International Seminar (International Conference) with the name of the activity: The First International Conference of Social Science Humanities and Technology (1st ICoSSHTech). The theme raised at this conference was “COVID-19 and Disaster Mitigation: Establishing a Multi-Disciplinary.”

Aim & Scope

In general, this activity is intended to unite the thoughts of scholars, practitioners and experts in various scientific fields in responding to various natural disasters and non-natural disasters, especially the Covid-19 pandemic. The objectives of this activity are:

  1. Increase the knowledge of each participant regarding disaster mitigation, especially the Covid-19 pandemic from various scientific disciplines;
  2. Disseminate research and study results relating to disaster mitigation and the Covid-19 pandemic; and
  3. To facilitate each participant to form new academic networks.


The scope of studies presented at this conference includes:

  1. Social science;
  2. Humanities
  3. Science and technology.

From the three studies mentioned above, it is hoped that policy recommendations will be produced with regard to the handling and mitigation of natural and non-natural disasters, in particular the Covid-19 pandemic.

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